Works    Selected Paintings, 2004 - 2010

Composite of paintings by Louise Feneley

Composite of paintings  2014

Endless Beginning V by

Endless Beginning V  2009

oil on linen

30 x 60 cm

Endless Beginning IV by

Endless Beginning IV  2008

oil on Belgian linen

153 x 168 cm

'Turning - Who am I?' by

'Turning - Who am I?'  2008

oil on canvas

80 x 160 cm

Cycle of Tides by

Cycle of Tides  2007

oil on canvas

92 x 229 cm

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The Descent of Light by

The Descent of Light  2007

oil on canvas

107 x 142 cm

We Will Always be on Fire by

We Will Always be on Fire  2005

oil on canvas

100 x 220 cm

Whispered by

Whispered  2004

oil on Belgian linen

150 x 220 cm

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