Exhibitions    Melbourne Art Fair

30.07.08 to 03.08.08

Notes, Thoughts, Questions relating to this series of works.........................Endless Beginning..............................One moment ceases and another begins, so what is this experience? Does a moment exist at all? Can one be in the space between? Or, in the space outside or inside the present moment? Foolish questions, but the dreamer asks them in an attempt to grapple with the experience of what it means to be alive. S/he contemplates the rolling of the present into and out of itself, at the same time. The continuum of the present moment, unerringly renewing and reinventing itself, appearing to turn ‘in’ whilst moving ‘out’ at the same time. An elusive yet intriguing state of affairs, impossible to verbalize it, even more irrational to attempt to discover a visual language that could point to it. The Dreamer, longing for the intangible, vainly tries anyway. Then there is also the ultimate continuum of Death and Birth… Isn’t death birth and birth a death? Transcending one state, one becomes another, transcending which, one moves into the original state (but a different degree of it), beyond which one exists in another, and so on, ad infinitum. The present moment continues regardless…ungraspable unless one completely surrenders the need to grasp.

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